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Two handcart market is added fast the agency that put delay expects Jin Jiuyin 1

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Two handcartSales volume was caused brief restrain, accumulated consumptive energy erupted centrally in July, the 2 refreshment that are new car sales volume also were drivenTwo handcartThe development of the market, displacement user increases ceaselessly.

To promote the prosperity of the market and development, the brand of ChengduTwo handcartBusiness takes promotion activity seriously very much, a few way that are used on new car before also appear inTwo handcartAbove. For example law of believe • spirit was begun " secondhand business affairs car shuts a house to sell " " second new car special performance is recommended " wait for an activity, a few brandsTwo handcartBusiness still is aimed atTwo handcartBegin " mortgage buy a car " business, the mark car activity of network of 2 degrees of cars also was solvedTwo handcartAdvocate sell car andTwo handcartBusiness receives the question with difficult car, added car source.

- agency expects Jin Jiuyin 10

Although at presentTwo handcartThe market is added fast put delay, but car business still was full of to foreground expect. A few be opposite at present the influence of the market wear off, those who resemble oil price rise, new discharge a standard carry out etc, idea of such as consumption, retain rise of the quantity ceaselessly, the progressively standardization of the market, nice element will promote these interest the market is carried fast. An operator expresses so, we are awaiting Jin Jiuyin the arrival of 10, we believe to will appear to moment market rapidder growth.

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