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Active second-hand car market car coming holiday recommendation

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Just past Mid-Autumn Festival, National Day and also near the used car market has entered the "Golden September and silver October," the sales season. Especially the "eleven" vacation for seven days, some people want to buy a car to travel, some people like to take this opportunity to second-hand car

Market, a good selection of affordable car, anyway, holiday period, the vigor of used-car market is expected. Many models on the market, style, different year, how to start it? Then follow me

To the market, take a look at some of the mainstream models on the market the sale of it, the so-called mainstream models, that is, car source, the market is on the inventory, by the buyers like it, good sales model. The mainstream models in Shanghai

Generally for the public, General Motors, Toyota's brand. Well, now look at it the following benefits models.