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New transfer chain of used-car industry leader

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Do you know how much your car can sell money? The problem for the vast majority of Chinese car owners are difficult to answer. Reporter in Shanghai, the largest second-hand car market interviewed dozens of owners, most owners are spending big

Amount of time, to compare different quotes used car dealers only after the prices of roughly know. The reason is China's second-hand car industry, or the "cattle economy" dominated by second-hand car prices are set by

Dealer-led, resulting in severe information asymmetry, part of the used car dealer will take the opportunity to say that the high-low with models with models to confuse consumers with low-cost acquisition model and then sell high to a high in lack of third party

Price evaluation system under the present conditions, resulting in the loss of the interests of customers.

China Automobile Dealers Association has proposed a formula, according to the year and new car prices, according to a certain discount to assess the used car prices. But this is often simplified things. With a vehicle purchased by the two people

Buy, due to the habits of the reasons the price will be sold at the same time very different. This formula can not be second-hand car distribution industry acceptance, will not fundamentally solve the problem.

Auto authorities pointed out that the real problem is the lack of circulation of second-hand car prices and the lack of constraint evaluation system used car dealer's credit system. In today's growing car ownership, with the owner change

Increase the frequency, the owner of inquiry will be increasing demand for car dealers, but at present the status of used cars in circulation longer meet the industry.

How to make a breakthrough? Used car industry had a lot of useful exploration. Some directly into a successful model of abroad, such as the 51 car borrowed from American autotrader business model, providing consumers a car dealers

Media platforms; some successful direct foreign joint enterprises such as Shanghai and the country took the joint United States-John, explore the essence of these did not resolve the core issue of second-hand cars in circulation, they are often agitated, and difficult to succeed.

Shanghai's original open new chain transfer mode constraints from the fundamental solution to the rapid development of second-hand car industry, the core issue. New transfer by the first vehicle in self-built evaluation system to quantify the indicators reflect the true vehicle speed,

This can change the used car dealer to see cars offer the tradition of second-hand car dealers do not make the scene look at cars will be able to truly understand the vehicle condition. Second, the open auction of new wireless transfer mode to vehicle in the letter within a short time

Information sent to the strength of Shanghai 300 used car dealers, as long as 30 minutes to complete auction for car dealers providing fast and efficient owners inquiry service for owners selling cars accurately reflect the fair market price.

Interview with experienced site open a new chain of service change owners. One owner said: "New transfer took 30 minutes, give I need one week to ask the price, saved me a lot of trouble." Another

One owner said: "New Detection division is very professional, and even repaired the accident could have been seen"

Then open the new service has been recognized by the industry it? Reporter learned through some numbers, open a new transfer chain opened since March 2009 has been 10% monthly growth rate of -20%, the current month for

Owners of more than 2000 car dealers services to the monthly trading volume more than doubled in the same industry-leading great advantage, ranking Shanghai First, owners of car dealers in Shanghai brand of choice!

The development of a mature industry, can not be separated model innovation and grasp the opportunities are, to lead the development of the industry will become a model. New transfer chain in Shanghai once again proven the brilliant cast of this business logic. Open

The success of the new transfer, but also for the used car industry, pointing out the direction. New transfer chain will continue to explore innovative ideas to a second-hand car industry for the status of China's development path for the car dealers to provide consumers with the most

Is safe, convenient, reasonably priced used car service.