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SAIC to exert second-hand car market

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Tackling these years later, SAIC on September 15 announced the launch of Angelina used car brand, the Group has identified the automotive service industry as a new growth point, made a false start second-hand car market forces.

BEIJING, according to an article that quoted Shangzheng Bao, SAIC launched Angelina used car brand that aims to create a domestic carrier-class used car service businesses. Brand in the conference held that day, SAIC announced its second-hand

Integrated into the car business Anji brand name, and the establishment of the Shanghai headquarters. As the first full-value chain of used-car platform, Angelina used car become a car close sales, brokerage, exchange, auction, as one of the professional evaluation

Agencies, and outside the traditional marketing model launched e-commerce platform.

Ye Yongming, vice president of SAIC, said, according to the planning, SAIC Automotive Services will cover the automobile logistics, automobile sales and service, parts distribution, financing, leasing and other top ten professional services. By 2012, auto service

Industry revenues will account for 10% of the Group's total revenue, more than 300 billion yuan. Data show that in 2009 sales revenue of SAIC 2,579 billion yuan, up 57.9%.

According to deputy general manager Yu Jingmin said gas sales in the next 5 years, Angelina used cars in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu and Xi'an and other core cities in the establishment of regional headquarters, the radiation surrounding the city; and established in the country received 100 used cars

Purchase service outlets.