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Xingsha Nissan vehicles used car online auction store opening

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October 24, and South Africa's largest used car retailers Nissan - Nissan announced Xingsha store opened in second-hand car shop. "This will provide evaluation, testing, acquisition, retail and used car leasing and other services." Xi Zhang, general manager of the store, said here for Nissan and South Africa's largest used car retailers. And the industry is concerned, this newly opened shop in the upcoming second-hand cars "used car online auction" business, will implement a bottomless Price auction, consumers can bid on the Internet, this is the first in Hunan. In recent years, online auctions have been testing the waters in parts of the country, Tianjin's first second-hand car this online auction, the auction increases as high as 10%. Responsible person entrusted with great satisfaction on the transaction price, saying results Than expected. "China is now the world's largest car market, will also be the largest used-car market." Zhang Xi believe that with the new car market, hot, second-hand car market will be the automotive industry, the last piece of cake. " As a new auction, used car online auction is different from the traditional auction, more convenient, the number of participants is more extensive, the price at more desirable, especially to avoid the traditional auction geographical restrictions, competition Who can stay at home making online participation. " Currently, the used car online auction transactions in the form, scale in addition to Beijing, other provinces and cities have not set foot in or just starting out. Hunan Province try online auction for used cars to further promote the injection of confidence, Sale of used cars for consumers to build a brand-new platform. It is understood that Nissan used car retail store next to the Nissan store and Changsha Xingsha Star Wings of Dongfeng Fengshen shops, the facilities, exhibition hall with a "gold professional valuers." Regardless of any brand, available on the This the used car trade, car will receive the warranty certificate. It is worth mentioning that this will provide "easy car rental" service, customers need to drive to the field, you can enjoy in the long Shatti car, the car service in Guangzhou. "As long as a member, the procedure will be very convenient car rental."
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