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The Olympic Games serves a car: Two handcart agency the keep an enterprise going

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He Lianbin of general manager of limited company of broker of old motor vehicle of develop of gentleman of Beijing of the agency inside two handcart market tells Beijing beautiful country the reporter, "The two handcart sales volume August can be used horrible will describe, the trough that never passes. " last year August, the sale of two handcart of this company is 33, the sale of two handcart had 5 only August this year, and this company at ordinary times sales volume maintains basically in 30 above.

Beijing beautiful country is secondhand the star of car market business door allows two handcart to serve as the accepted actual strength is stronger business inside the market really door, in its official website released the name is " Beijing: Two handcart city greets beautiful country new round of trough " announcement, express in announcement, as the Olympic Games kick off, the look of consumer also appears to be transferred momently. Inventory of current car of beautiful country market also relatively on the month drops somewhat, be business door receives car discretion, unlike busy season stops a car so delighted, the price is not particularly right vehicle does not close; 2 be during be worth an Olympic Games, car advocate also tightened up the car in the hand, more popular model also does not close.

A two handcart agency that is not willing to disclose a full name tells a reporter, the sales volume when allowing two handcart to make the same score really is in at least 80 ~ 100, and the sales volume of two handcart of this company had only August at ordinary times very one of left and right sideses.

According to introducing, beautiful country hire of a year is in the exhibition hall that 1100 square metre control an area inside two handcart market to be controlled 2 million yuan probably, add manpower resource, daily expense to wait, each the problem that business door is facing cost strain, if there are 3 months in a year circumstance and same August, the meeting in the market continues importunate business door will very few.

Agency is contradictory and heavy

August the big setting of two handcart keep an enterprise going by painstaking effort falls, bring about two handcart agency not dare rushed the reason that buys Olympic Games service to use a car does not have sales volume to glide badly only merely, buy price on the high side is mixed the message stopping a car that comes out again and again between business door also is adverse element. It is huge risk at the same time, across is the commercial profit of high specified number however. 128 thousand yuan 1.6l Ming Rui is in list price of the package in beautiful country market a few days short sell give ten.

A two handcart dealer shows: "Agency of the much inside the market cannot accurate forecast current sale condition, especially after all how many Olympic Games serves the meeting that use a car to swarm into Beijing everybody does not know two handcart market, smooth beautiful country can have different business everyday inside two handcart market door come out the message that will buy service of a batch of Olympic Gameses to use a car, if information is belonged to solid, that is measured for goods too tremendous, who won't rushed skill. Who won't rushed skill..
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