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The Olympic Games serves a car: Two handcart agency the keep an enterprise going

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The sale of A6 of 235 2.0t Ao Di that to spending countryside two handcart market will have is met, of this batch of cars case send price preliminary it is 350 thousand yuan surely, the two handcart dealer that sends a message gave out psychological price, "310 thousand yuan of ability can close, 350 thousand yuan of bought words do not have profit basically. 350 thousand yuan of bought words do not have profit basically..

In addition, because the Olympic Games uses what the car headaches,not be Sikedapin only card dealer Beijing 100 Kodak greeted Delisi to send recently more than 100 when from Shanghai masses Si Ke amounts to, will trade in Ya Yun Cun before long undertake auctioning inside the market. Can go up after all to be able to sell to the auction how much to give, 100 Kodak cannot forecast Delisi, can seek buyer with all one's strength before the auction is met only. But be manufacturer respect on one hand,sell two handcart agency to avoid to pound explicit order of new car market to prohibit, it is to eliminate two handcart agency however on the other hand beyond the vehicle that finds large quantities of quantities very hard to buy this to approve a car advocate.

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