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300C still runs quickly in Beijing production

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This business relation is in Daimule and Kelaisile were not changed after global fractionation 2007. Kelaisile is in statement say, the company grows more than 100% in Chinese sales volume this year, but Kelaisile's specific without exposure sales volume. Statement still expresses, kelaisile supports the development of Chinese business as always with all one's strength, maintain the communication with BBDC all the time, seek how to ensure through cooperating Kelaisile two models are in 300C and platinic acute China gains a success.

Already affected terminal market sales volume

Although manufacturer is right still,market prospect expresses hopeful, but the circumstance of agency appears a bit bad. "The leader of the company is changed change, what contact with us is market department, but we do not know to follow whose contact with. " the agency that Guangzhou does not wish to disclose a full name complains to our newspaper, "Below so troubled condition, car nature is bad to sell, plus off-season in July and in August the Olympic Games, what city talk balances is poor, deficit also unavoidable. Deficit also unavoidable..

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