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The service competes again price war of aggravate car danger " smoke of gunpowde

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   Strengthening superintendency kimono Wu just is the plan of the effect a permanent cure

Since the price war of car danger domain is relevant orgnaization to contend for the market lift helplessly, how can you avoid this kind of malign competition so?

Be aimed at this problem, afore-mentioned relevant personages express, the branch strengthens the plan that superintendency ability is an effect a permanent cure related the government. He thinks, the main reason of price war appears on the market at present, it is those orgnaizations that disobey price order sb to do sth within a certain time " illegal cost is too low " . Spoken parts in an opera, it is certain orgnaization disobeyed order sb to do sth within a certain time, the result was not punished accordingly or be punishment strength is too weak. Punish strength at this kind relatively, the interest that deregulation depreciates and acquires wants many much, these insurance are so relevant orgnaization just dare such brazenly ground makes price war. This personage expresses, if relevant superintendency orgnaization can enhance superintendency strength effectively, so the confused situation of car danger domain will change greatly.

Besides strengthen a government to superintend besides, the personage still thinks related intermediary of this car danger, the service that is sure to strengthen oneself from orgnaization of course of study also is the significant move of price war of eradicative car danger. Because car danger domain gives one of reasons of battle of present price case,be car danger product coessential change outstanding, product of each car danger does not have his characteristic, to enlarge the market portion can have price war only. But if individually relevant the service that strengthens oneself from orgnaization of course of study, and be offerred for the client include to use a series of car, appreciation services that raise the content such as the car, can be besides price element gain larger market share. In some sense, this ability is the path of the benign competition of car danger domain.

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