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Rise in price wet, depreciate wet alternate shows car city

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The old car that discharge an amount rises in price model of wind experience mainstream depreciates wet expert says to already arrived in September inside year the optimal opportunity that buy a car

Car city presented calendar year to rise in price infrequently in September wind and depreciate tide appears at the same time " agitation marvellous spectacle " .

Because new on September 1 consumption tax is adjusted, consumption tax of model of 3 litres of above rises considerably, brought about the wind that the at the beginning of September cart end August rises in price directly, the price of brand of many high-grade cars that includes Leikesasi inside rises considerably; And the car that September is a convention at the same time sells busy season, this year is to catch up with an Olympic Games to erupt what the demand buying a car of off-season keep long in stock buys car demand with a exclusive 7 day golden weeks in year centrally more, to strive for as far as possible much market, price of model of market main trend falls defeat considerably, go up to fall under, car city appears elusory it seems that, but the expert expresses: Had arrived at present first-rate buys car opportunity this year.

Rise in price: LEXUS is gotten go up

September 2008 1, the country imposes new consumption tax formally to the old car that discharge an amount, big platoon measures high-grade and luxurious car to face enormous cost pressure, with before car plant interior is digested different, this car plant consumer of impute to of one part pressure, even if in order to control the Leikesasi of cost be good at, also announce to adjust price of the model below the banner.

Recently, the author rises Leikesasi to take newest car sale price from inside Guangzhou, rise in price extent is done not have at the beginning of spread so unusual, but highest of 347 thousand go up also indeed not low. (Week mighty force)

Depreciate: Kaidilake in the van

On September 2, shanghai general motors announces: To Kaidilake the banner issues SLS of car of luxurious business affairs since this day contest power whole set undertakes the price and configuration adjust. SLS is surpassed power 2.8L elite edition and luxurious edition price are reduced respectively mix 498 thousand yuan to 448 thousand yuan, fall it is respectively 10% with 11% . When consumption tax new rule is executed, SLS is surpassed power 638 thousand yuan price maintains 3.6L luxurious edition changeless, add SLS newly inside countrywide limits edition of elite of contest power 3.6L, the price is 568 thousand yuan. In addition, SLS is surpassed power luxurious edition of 3.6L of contest power of 2.8L luxurious edition and SLS still added model of black interior trim. Meanwhile, SLS is surpassed power 4.6L admiral edition rises because of new consumption tax, the attune on the price reachs 828 thousand yuan, amplitude is 17% . So far, SLS surpasses Kaidilake power with 2.8L, 3.6L, 4.6L 3 engine in all 5 models, enclothed 400 thousand yuan of ~ in the round 800 thousand yuan price interval.
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