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Rise in price wet, depreciate wet alternate shows car city

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Besides Kaidilake, young automobile group also announces, will subordinate sports model -- British lotus contest fast the price undertakes adjustment, highest Ranglida 10 thousand yuan, whole department falls on average amount to 9% above, kill 110 thousand yuan of interval, pound motile car market with all one's strength.

Change of partial model price is expressed

SLS surpasses Kaidilake power price contrast is expressed

Model Cost price New price Adjust range

2.8L elite edition 498000 448000 - 10%

2.8L luxurious edition 558000 498000 - 11%

3.6L elite edition--- 568000 ---

3.6L luxurious edition 638000 638000 ---

4.6L admiral edition 708000 828000 17%

Fast price adjusts contest of young lotus car schedule

Model Cost price Present price

1.6MT luxurious edition One hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred One hundred and nineteen thousand eight hundred

1.6AT luxurious edition One hundred and thirty-nine thousand eight hundred One hundred and twenty-nine thousand eight hundred

LEXUS price change is expressed

Model The price after new consumption tax Cost price

LS600h 1.945 million 1.598 million

Edition of LS460 exalted lengthen 1.45 million 1.25 million

LS460L 1.335 million 1.15 million

LS460 1.216 million 1.048 million

GS430 944 thousand 828 thousand

LX570 1.593 million 1.298 million

SC430 1.32 million 1.12 million

RX400h 867 thousand 816 thousand

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