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Ox of mark of two handcart contest becomes only honoured guest

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Although car of two handcart mark gives the car that sells a car advocate offerred to trade very well platform, but car advocate the interference that still cannot cast off the ox on the market. It is reported, secondhand the ox inside the market is communicated under the counter more frequent, car advocate although put the car on system of network mark car,sell, but its car price still gets of broker company ox " surround bid " , still controlled in buyer hand.

As we have learned, the final price of the person that mark car succeeds can not make a car certainly advocate clinch a deal valence. Mark car offer a price is at present top person those who obtain is not car, mix however sell the home between meet authority. Mark car is highest person in obtain meet will undertake be communicationed further with the person that sell after authority, and in this link, ox can covert again will final price depress.

Private cannot buying and selling becomes an obstacle

Why must mark car undertake auctioning through broker company ability? Reporter discovery, this two handcart that main be enslaved to be enslaved to exists on the market at present trade regulation.

Current, although the country allows private undertake two handcart trade, but two handcart trade must want to be finished in the ability inside two handcart market. For this, "Private cannot trade under the counter " what the regulation also urged company of the broker on the market is uneven, and buy the home and sold the information asymmetry between the home to also cause two handcart to trade a lot of problem exists in the process.

Although mark car offerred a kind to trade publicly mode, but as a result of contest mark person it is the ox in broker company, car is major also by income broker company, and when broker company is selling the material information that certainly will hides car again, make two handcart buying and selling was become again " have a blurred vision " . (Xu Chengwei)

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