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True look hand in hand this Guangzhou cropland makes a car sell new pattern

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Retain as Chinese car increase the rapid growth that reachs economy of the quantity ceaselessly, the big environment that two handcart trade has matured gradually, change the requirement that buys new car at broad car user to serve better, true look is taken in inn of two handcart 4S is in original on the foundation of old car replacement, combination is wide originally wide battalion inn rolls out car replacement new pattern jointly, old car is changed buying this Guangzhou cropland is a car.

As the aggravate that automobile industry competes, integrated company natural resources, management advantage project, already made the important instrument that breeds oneself core competition ability, the development that also is prospective car company is oriented. Inn of this Tian Laian battalion manages Guangzhou at present all brand model that this cropland car is Guangzhou, include 08 new fund elegant cabinet (ACCORD) , Odyssey (ODYSSEY) , fly newly degree (FIT) He Saidi (CITY) , a department Guangzhou collect below this cropland car division is truckload sale, after service, component supplies what be an organic whole with information feedback to specialization the inn of class A engage by special arrangement of the service, storefront is covered an area of 7800 smooth rice, have the 2000 cars of smooth rice to reveal the hall, 3000 repair shop of smooth rice, 1300 clients of smooth rice to rest area; The establishment inside inn is luxurious, have top-ranking maintenance, detect hall of equipment and VIP cinema, billiards, ping-pong, coffee, book, the service function establishment such as card of Internet bar, chess; Be sold professionally and serve a group, all sales inside inn and service personnel all pass Guangzhou this field company grooms strictly and attestation, have professional sale, maintenance and service aptitude. And in into true look inn of two handcart 4S is manage with two handcart for mainstream business, the two handcart displacement that offers major for broad client seeks advice, evaluate the service with displacement, in the capital high reputation is enjoyed in two handcart market.
This second in into true look this cropland of two handcart inn and Guangzhou comes the collaboration of wide battalion inn, be the professional dominant position on two handcart market and Guangzhou are entered in sufficient conformity undertake below the premise that sale of this car of inn of Tian Laian battalion serves the professional dominant position on the market, aim to pass strong strong together, already the car replacement professional work that to buy Guangzhou the old user of each brand of this cropland brand car provides convenient, one pace to reach the designated position, let a client enjoy the favourable service of the oldest rate when buying new car again, come true thereby with all possible means the purpose of win-win. Always be in in buy into true look wide this car all can be enjoyed under market price 1000-2000 yuan privilege.
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