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Two handcart choose and buy needs to instruct you 4 court carefully prevent flic

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Can knock automobile body with the hand, if sound is more ringing, it is very normal to explain, if sound hair is frowsty, likelihood this car has filled be bored with child. Start a car next, hear the voice of engine, even, whether to have knock sound or Ka Da reputation, shake additionally wait a moment whether badly. Even place is cheered, the voice change time that feels engine is even, maintain accelerator to be not moved in different position at the same time, see engine rotate speed smooth.

3, be in " with " fluctuation kongfu

No matter buy new car,still be two handcart, need to try personally it is good to draw talent one time make conclusions. The attention should observe before drive whether appearance indicator light is in good condition, whether does position of steering wheel, seat make a person comfortable. Brake should check to whether have a problem in car actuate, steering wheel is right. Experience the automobile body in travel on flat road surface even additionally whether rock, whether sideslip. Try bumpy road surface chooses even in driving a process, experience chassis system, especially suspension does not have abnormal knocking from time to tome in bank crossing channel, next vibration on automobile body are even. Still can pass what experience accelerator quickly point-blank to answer speed, and quicken smooth.

4, in " check " fluctuation kongfu

Basically be to examine procedures. The origin of two handcart is lawful, formalities is comprehensive, be in especially car advocate when be being bought directly in the hand. If you cannot affirm, so want a car advocate trade to two handcart together with you the market deals with formalities of change the name of owner in a register jointly, lest cause needless loss.

Anyhow, the car is not a little thing, it matters to your safety, discretion wants when choosing, if not know the business, the proposal goes normal bourse is bought.

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